Top 5 Blogging Tools That You Ought To Have

Top 5 Blogging Tools That You Ought To Have

March 13, 2017 Uncategorized 0

Blogging is considered as one of the easiest and most effective content marketing strategy. It has been in demand for a long time now and is ruling the content world as it is rightly said “Content Is KING”. Though blogging doesn’t actually require much other than your brain and a computer, using certain tools has proved effective in making blog posts more relevant and engaging. Along with pumping more “wow” factor to your posts, these tools make it easy to work on multiple tasks and simplifies your job.

Hard work is old theory. Smart work is the new mantra. So here are 5 excellent blogging tools that can prove to be instrumental in improving the quality of your blog posts.

1) BlogAbout

The first step in blogging is to arrive at an idea on what to blog about. Identifying the right topic on the basis on who your audience is and what their topic of interest is, require a good amount of research and effort. BlogAbout is just that tool which helps narrow your focus instead of jumping right into creating titles. It generates creative blog titles depending on the keyword related to the theme we desire to write about.

2) Hemingway

Once you are done with generating the title and developing the content, it is important to check on how readable your content is. Complex and lengthy content can often prove unappealing to readers. Hemingway is an excellent tool that highlights the segments of your content that is complex and difficult to read. Thus, it simplifies your job of hunting for the complex zones in your post.

3) Egg Timer

Time and again, you are lost writing a blog post and haven’t realized how much time you have put into writing just one blog post. Egg Timer does a countdown for you on how much time you should spend writing each blog post.

4) Grammarly

This popular online proofreading tool simplifies your task of editing your content by checking grammar, punctuation, and style. It also features a contextual spelling checker and plagiarism detector. A single tool with multiple benefits, a boon for every blogger.

5) Canva

All text and no images makes your blog post dull and less appealing. Adding color to your blog post using infographics and attractive images catches the attention of the readers and keeps them interested. Canva is a free tool that makes it easy to create custom graphics to go with your blog posts. It comes brimmed with templates that help you chose the right fit for each of your social media sites.

There are a lot of other very good tools that can help you improve the way your blog posts look and reach your audience. Using these tools will make blogging easy peasy and also saves a lot of your time.

Happy Blogging!! 🙂

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